Grand Lodge Officers 2016-2017

Grand Chancellor Phillip E. Feigel

Phillip E. Feigel, a native of Brooklyn and a 1976 graduate of Brooklyn College (B.A. in Communications and English), joined Orient Leader Lodge # 473 in 1975, sponsored by his dad, Arthur and Jerry Wertheimer.
Phil became active immediately, as editor of "The Observer" and participating on the lodge's bowling and softball teams. He transferred to Bon Amis-Eiseman Lodge #745 in 1979 ( became Genesis Lodge in 1985) in Brooklyn. Again, he became their editor and ascended the chairs, becoming Chancellor Commander in 1984. In 1987, Grand Chancellor Nat Alters appointed Phil a Deputy Grand Chancellor from the 75th (Diamond) District. In 2011, Grand Chancellor Robert Kaufman appointed Phil an Assistant to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor. Phil has served on the Humanitarian Fund and Ritual Committee, serving as the Master At Arms of the Golden Spur team for 38 years. He participated in the conferring the Spur upon 100 worthy recipients.
Phil was employed by New York City Transit for 27 years, retiring as a Senior Superintendent, responsible for fare collection, station cleaning and maintenance. He was a first responder on September 11, 2001, evacuating trains and stations and managing the clean up and return to service of lower Manhattan stations. Phil is proud to be a Life Member of Genesis Lodge since 1993 and is their Financial Secretary. He is a member of Majestic, FDR and Harmony Lodges and proud to be an Honorary member of Superior and Rex Lodges.
He has sponsored over 100 members, including creating a new lodge in 1990.

Grand Vice Chancellor David Stanger

David Stanger was elected as Grand Outer Guard in 2014. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947 and has resided there all his life.

David's father, Hyman, was a member of Guardian Lodge #652. David graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1965. He attended Pace University for one year until Uncle Sam called upon him, in October 1966. He served in Vietnam and Korea. David was discharged honorably in 1968. For the next 37 years he worked in the food industry and retired in May of 2001.

After 44 years of being married to Barbara they feel as if they are still on their honeymoon today. They have two wonderful children, Beth and Kevin, and two grandchildren, Amanda and Anthony. Beth is married to Anthony who is a great son-in-law. While growing up, daughter Beth, played softball for Our Lady of Grace Baseball Association. During her nine or ten years of playing, Dave umpired many games, after going to CYO umpire school.

Due to his son Kevin's condition he has been involved with the Special Olympics and continues to be very active with them today. He is responsible for creating the association with them and the Pythian order. During his son's early years he participated in raising funds for his son's home at Val Haler Dam as well as raising money to purchase a wheelchair accessible van. He assumed the role of Santa Claus and was president of the parents association for his son's home. To this day, he is extremely active with the Special Olympics.

Grand Prelate Randy Silverman

Randy Silverman was born January 1, 1954 in Hollywood California. Then moved to Brooklyn NY in 1959. He is living in Coop City the Bronx since 1982. Randy joined the Knights of Pythias - University Co-op City Lodge # 720 in February 1992. He went up the chairs while on many committees. In 1999-2000 he was the Deputy Grand Chancellor for the 72nd District under the now Past Deputy Supreme Chancellor Joel Berganfeld. His Chief at that time was also now Supreme Rep. Jerry Bernzweig. In 2010-2011 he was the president for the 72nd District. He became the Assistant Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 under the reins of Past Grand Chancellors Robert Kaufman and Craig Shink. The next year I served as the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor for Past Grand Chancellor Bob Ross.

Randy started taking pictures in 2010 for Past Grand Chancellor Michael Sukenick, before becoming the Grand Snapper in 2011 for Past Grand Chancellor Robert Kaufman. During these years he served on many Grand Lodge committees: Humanitarian Fund, Membership, Diabetes, Sports, Youth and Pythian Camp. Surprising enough, his father was a knight back in the 1950s and 60s. When he was 10, Randy attended Pythian Camp upstate with his brother for two weeks. He has 2 daughters: Alyson, 34, and Lisa, 30. They each have a daughter Shayna 15 and Elana 2 1/2. He is very happily married to Sharon for 39 years, and going strong.

Grand Secretary Roy J. Triguero,

Roy Triguero took the rank of page in February 1974 and became a member of Kingsley Lodge #548, sponsored by his then, future Father-in-law Manny Schantz. Roy was put on the road to becoming Chancellor Commander of Kingsley, three times over 15 years.

Roy was active in the 45th Pythian District working up each chair to serving as Deputy Grand Chancellor under Grand Chancellor Sir Stanley Brown. As Deputy, Roy was put on his first GL Committee, "the Sports Committee," with fellow Deputy Robert Ross, PGC. Roy was asked to help one of the 45th Districts' many lodges, Lewton Lodge #501, by their Chancellor Commander, PDGC Nat Berger. Roy became their Secretary, replacing an ailing member. Roy was Secretary until Lewton Lodge merged with Neptune Lodge in June 1990 to become Sheepshead Bay Lodge #501 where he still serves as Secretary. Roy was elected the Secretary of the 7th/9th Pythian District from 2001-2003 when they disbanded and where placed in 20/47th, where he served another two years.

Roy has served on many Grand Lodge Committees: Humanitarian Fund, the Planning Commission, the Youth Commission (Secretary), the Retention Committee, the Membership Committee (General Secretary) and Secretary and presently a Director of the Diabetes Research Association. Roy was Executive Secretary for PGC Jordan Levy and PGC Larry Hoffman who he also served as ACDGC. In 2009 became an Earned Life Member after sponsoring over 40 members into the Order.

His family includes his wife of over 43 years, PGC/PSR Susan Schantz Triguero, sons Matthew and Jeremy and Jeremy’s wife, the former Nicole Infonte.

Grand Treasurer Don Rosenberg

Don joined the Order in 1975 as a member of Yorktown Lodge in the Northern Suburban Region where he served for many years as its Chancellor Commander.
He was appointed a Deputy by Grand Chancellor Michael Sukenick and as an Assistant to the Chief by Grand Chancellor Robert Kaufman. In addition he served as President of the 72nd District for the year 2013-2014.
Grand Chancellor Robert Ross asked him to become Grand Treasurer and he was confirmed by the Grand Council upon the recommendation of the Grand Chancellor on December 1, 2014.
Don is an enrolled agent admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and has a Bachelor of Science from Lehman College and a Masters in Political Economy from the New School for Social Research. He has also served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hostos Community College/CUNY for 35 years.
He was born and raised in the Bronx in 1948. He is married to his lovely wife Roberta and has 3 boys Bradley, Jeffrey and Jonathan. His pride and joy are his granddaughter Tegan and grandson Aaron.

Grand Master at Arms Harvey Rosenshein

Harvey Rosenshein joined the order in 2004 as a member Ramapo Lodge No. 485; shortly thereafter he became its Treasurer, a position he still holds. He also served four consecutive years as Chancellor Commander. He Chairs the Oneg Shabbat committee at West Point and Social Services Committee. He was editor and currently business manager of the Lodge's news bulletin, Gavel. Harvey is a dual member of New City Orangetown Lodge No. 854, where he serves as Master at Arms. He remains active in the 72nd Pythian District where he was President (2014~2015). Active in the DOKK, he serves as Royal Prince and Recording Secretary (since 2008) of Habibi Temple.

At Grand Lodge he served as Deputy Grand Chancellor for Grand Chancellor Sir Robert Ross (2014~2015) and Assistant to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor for the Northern Suburban Area for Grand Chancellor Steven Kohn (2015~2016). Since 2015 he Co-Chaired its Membership Committee.

Harvey was born 1950 in Brooklyn. He graduated Pace University (BBA) in 1972 and obtained a certificate for Nursing Home Administration from Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital in 1980. Now retired Harvey worked as a senior sales representative for food service equipment and supplies. Harvey is married to Rona for 46 years; they have two daughters; Jaime and Lauren; their pride and joy is their granddaughter, Maddison.

Grand Inner Guard Sir Charles Pakula

Watch for his bio

Grand Outer Guard Michael Kerner

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Past Grand Chancellor Steven Kohn

Steven Kohn's Pythian career started in 1963 when he joined the Junior Order. In 1965, he became a Knight. He served Companion Brigham Park Lodge as Chancellor Commander in 1979-80. Afterwards, he served as Recording Secretary for five years. In his Lodge, Steven has served on every major committee including as a director of its charity foundation and benevolent association. In 2005, his Lodge conferred Life Membership upon him.
Steven served the 46th District as its Secretary, Vice President and President. He was appointed a Deputy Grand Chancellor for the 46th District by Grand Chancellor Julian Martin. Grand Chancellor Kenneth Danker appointed Steven as an Assistant to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor.
Steven has served on many Grand Lodge committees including the Youth Commission, Membership, Planning Commission, Humanitarian Fund, Programming & Speakers Bureau, Investiture, Community Affairs and Sports Committees. He just finished a term as Secretary for the Knights of Pythias Diabetes Research Association, and serves on the Board of Managers of the Pythian Camp and on the Dr. Morris Smoller Sunshine Fund. He has been the 46th District's Man of the Year and has a Friendship Award from Omni Esquire Lodge.
Steven is one of four generations of Pythians. His great uncle, father, and several uncles were Pythians. His two children, Scott and Brian are both active members of our Order. His wife, Debra, is a Past Grand Chief in the Pythian Sisters. Steven is retired after being employed in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster.

Past Grand Chancellor Sheldon Blitz

Sheldon Blitz became a Pythian in 1956. He immediately became very active and was appointed to several committees as well as the Executive Board of Criers Lodge #651. In 1963 to 1968 Sheldon became involved in the Grand Lodge Sports Committee. Over the years Sheldon bought food, supplies, jackets and was involved in the buying and selling of two buildings and became a permanent member of the prestigious Honor and Awards Committee. In 1993 Sheldon became very involved with the 7/9 District, became the Deputy Grand Chancellor in 1995 and a couple of years later served as President for the next two years. As president Sheldon went to other district meetings hinting for a merger. Sheldon succeeded, with help, to merge districts to form the largest district in the Order, the 2nd District, after first year became it's President.
In 2004 Sheldon became a duel member joining Harmony Lodge #709 becoming an officer and member of their Executive Board. Currently Sheldon is the Treasurer of Criers Lodge #651 and Grand Lodge Rep. He is also Chancellor Commander of Harmony Lodge #709 as well as Collation Chairman. Sheldon has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He is also a Korean War Veteran.

Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor

Chief Deputy Arnold Edelkind (United Queens Lodge No. 175)

2017-18 Executive Appointments

GC Phillip Feigel appointed PACDGC/ GTrib Corey B. Bearak, Esq. Executive Secretary; PCDGC Sir Joseph Robinson, Executive Assistant; Sir Martin Seaman, Upstate Executive Assistant; PACDGC Lewis Smith, Finance Chairman (note: by statute, GP Randy Silverman is Finance co-chair); PACDGC Sir Ronald Degen, Grand Advocate; PACDGC Scott Geffon and PC Patrick Falletta, Special Assistants to the Grand Chancellor.

Assistants to the Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor (2017-18)

David Stollak (Ambassador Valor No. 664) and Richard Resnick (Genesis No. 64).

Deputy Grand Chancellors (2017-18)

District 2: Herbert Smith (Esquire Goodfellowship Lodge No. 635); District 3: Sandy Smith (Majestic Lodge No. 109); District 21: Carl Wetzstein (Rochester Jay Lodge No. 639) and Jayson Schner (Albany City Lodge 540); District 46: Errol Lewis (Genesis Lodge No. 64) and District 72: Neil Offen (Pelham Brotherhood University Co-op City Lodge No. 616) and Allan Cohen (Lakes Region Lodge No. 863).

The Grand Chancellor's Team

Watch for Photo from the July 27, 2017 Investiture

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