Youth Commission

Pythian Youth Programs

Through the Pythian Youth Commission, the Grand Lodge runs youth programs offering middle school age and high school age children a number of opportunities to compete and achieve. The New York Pythians as well as the Pythian Supreme Lodge runs essay, poster and photo contests open to all children regardless of Pythian affiliation. Awards are given to many of the contestants. In addition the Grand Lodge sponsors a Junior Order for boys and girls ages 15 to 18.

The Youth Commission also distributes the Pythian Scholarships to Sons and Daughters of Pythians graduating high school and going onto college. Currently the Scholarship is $4,000 for a four year college. Recipients must be entering college for the first time and the son or daughter of a Pythian who has been a dues payer for at least one year. Please call Grand Lodge for an application and complete list of eligibility requirements at (516­) 739­-5000.

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